24 Savile Row

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Art of Collaboration

The Art of

Bringing together traditionally opposing disciplines of art and architecture takes unique thinking. When collaboration happens, we get new perspectives. Boundaries are pushed. Evolution happens. What emerges is truly original.


30 years in pursuit of perfection.

As with a Savile Row suit, ‘simply cut, using the finest materials’ so EPR envisioned the design ethos behind the building.

24 Savile Row lies in a historic conservation area, a place already synonymous with bespoke, this was a concept that resonated with EPR. Any new building here had to echo a traditional Arts and Crafts mentality and be a driver for change and modernity. As any architect knows, it’s not just good design that creates a landmark building; unique to this project is the triumvirate of artist, forward-thinking developer and architect.

24 Savile Row’s unique facade was designed with Kate Malone from the start. A key component was developing a collaboration where EPR understood the artist’s working processes and, conversely, the artist could realise EPR’s vision. Each had to be perfectly on point.

Steven Pey
The perceived mindset of the two disciplines (art and architecture) is very different. We struggle to think of another London building with this level of collaboration.”
Steven Pey, EPR

Kate Malone

Ceramic Artist.

Renowned ceramic artist Kate Malone creates decorative art and large-scale public art works, and conducts ceramic glaze research.

To balance the decadence of her decorative art, her public and commercial art is on show on buildings, and in hospitals, parks, schools and libraries. Its essence is to service the community.

Working with ceramics, or cooked clay, is very elemental; the artist uses earth, water, fire and air. Kate has always been fascinated by the magic of nature and crystalline structures such as those used for this project.

When EPR Architects approached Kate with the idea of dressing a contemporary office building in Mayfair, she had little idea of what the project would involve. Spanning three years of work in production, Kate acknowledges that 24 Savile Row was ‘making art at its most demanding’.

Kate Malone
This building is really unique, I’d challenge anybody to do it to this level of detail and this level of accuracy. A whole building as a work of art. It looks as extraordinary as the journey has been to make it.”
Kate Malone

Storage Associati

Natural Materials.

Storage Associati Architects in Milan are three partners that have been working with Dsquared2 for a number of years, visualising their keenly contemporary, elegant spaces at their HQ in Milan as well as their retail spaces across Europe.

Whilst designing the interiors for the new Dsquared2 flagship store at 24 Savile Row, Storage Associati were asked to imagine the new entrance and reception, the team created a stark background using all natural materials. Dark and light marble accented with brass creates a sophisticated reception to greet guests.

Storage Associati
It started with marble. Replicating the subtle elegance of the light and dark exterior, connecting materials, translating what Savile Row means. Reflecting its value.”
Storage Associati
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