24 Savile Row

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Exterior shot of 24 Savile Row

Rhythm of
the Street

One of the first principles of art so clearly seen in primitive work is truth to material, the artist shows an instinctive understanding of his material, its right use and possibilities.”
Henry Moore

24 Savile Row vision


24 Savile Row is the vision of EPR architects, who invited renowned London-based ceramic artist Kate Malone to help achieve a new concept in contemporary office design.

This creative collaboration has realised not just another landmark for Mayfair, but the capital’s largest work of art. 24 Savile Row comes uniquely hung with 10,000 ceramic tiles, each one intricately handcrafted, set on a handcast bronze plinth.

Creating new beauty in detail, form and function, we are delighted to present this most exclusive office space.



The ultimate pursuit of perfection.

The project took form from the bespoke history of the street. Such sartorial heritage invites a build as beautiful and uniquely crafted as the best-fitting suit. For the artist, this was art at its most demanding. For the architects, when tolerances for the building lie in millimetres, 24 Savile Row simply had to be the perfect fit.

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