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Mr Fogg’s


Mr Fogg’s

In Jules Verne’s 1873 novel, the tale of Phileas Fogg’s attempt to travel around the world in eighty days was excitingly futuristic. Today, the sequel of Mr Fogg’s life in late Victorian Mayfair is imaginatively showcased in the townhouse cocktail bar at 15 Bruton Lane.

Mr Fogg’s

As a child, I loved Jules Verne’s books. In Phileas Fogg, he created a wonderful character who lived in Mayfair and was a member of the Reform Club. My business partner Duncan Stirling and I thought it would be fun to conjure the house Mr Fogg might inhabit after his travels.

I love that juxtaposition of the location and the eclectic eccentricity of a bar with great service and fun cocktails. Mayfair has a wonderful array of pubs, hotel bars and members’ clubs. We’ve taken inspiration from all three, but with no membership required, no dress code or limitation on guests. Our regulars are a fun mix.

The Victorian artefacts were painstakingly gathered. Sourcing paraphernalia such as pennyfarthing bikes and faux elephant leg umbrella stands sounds fun, but it was hard work lugging an entire stuffed crocodile back to our van. The result is a ‘stage’ for our concept of immersive theatre. Traditionally, people like to meet for a drink, eat and then go to the theatre; we have put all three together. As Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack, remarked: ‘Creating restaurants is like composing music… there are only so many notes and the trick is to put those notes together in a way not heard before’.

Mr Fogg’s
Mr Fogg’s

The theatrical element comes into play later in the evening and is sensitively guaged. We have customers who come at 4pm for a work meeting and we are aware the last thing they’d want is Phileas Fogg sitting down to join them or his household staff delivering telegrams containing cocktail suggestions.

May I recommend my favourite? The Spicy Rupee – vanilla-infused Russian Standard premium vodka, elderflower cordial, fresh chilli, lime juice and a splash of honey. It’s sweet, with a kick. You love it or hate it. The Passepartout is the proven crowdpleaser – Hendrick's gin, fresh cucumber, nettle cordial, lime juice, sugar, egg white and a bit of cracked black pepper. Come and sample one.”

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